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Tour in Lima and Caral 3 Days 2 Nights



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Lima And Caral Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

Tour in Lima and Caral is an archaeological site where the remains of the main city of the Caral civilization are located 182 kilometers north of Lima… On a high, dry terrace overlooking a green river valley in the Andes Mountains of Peru, lies a complex of American pyramids that may be older than the pyramids of Egypt. These structures are remnants of the ancient city of Caral, which some have called the oldest society in the Americas. Caral was built about 5,000 years ago, more or less, according to pioneering research published in Science in 2001. This date of origin places it before the Egyptian pyramids in Africa and some 4,000 years before the Inca Empire rose to power on the South American continent. This history and the great extension of the site led UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, to declare it a World Heritage Site in 2009.


  • Day 1: Transportation Lima Airport – Hotel Lima.
  • Day 2: Tours to Caral : Visit the Sacred City of Caral.
  • Day 3: Transportation hotel – Lima Airport.

Sites to visit

Caral Archaeological Site

Tour Details

  • Duration: Full Day
  • Daily Departures
  • Departures from Lima Peru at 7.00am
  • Activities You will learn more about the ancestral Peruvian culture.
  • Hotel Not included, available upon request
  • Meals Lunch or Dinner included Customizable YES,
    *feel free to ask for additional services


Caral Archaeological Site

Caral is a large settlement in the Supe Valley, near Supe, province of Barranca, Peru, about 200 km north of Lima. Caral is the oldest city in the Americas, and is a well-studied site of the Caral or Norte Chico civilization. The urban complex extends over 150 acres (607,000 m²) and contains plazas and residential buildings. Caral was a thriving metropolis at about the same time that the great pyramids of Egypt were being built. The main pyramid (Great Pyramid) occupies an area almost the size of four soccer fields and is 18 meters high. Caral is the largest recorded site in the Andean region, dating from before 2000 BC, and appears to be the model of urban design adopted by the Andean civilizations that arose and disappeared over four millennia. It is believed that Caral may answer questions about the origins of Andean civilizations and the development of the first cities.

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